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 Fee Structure
Fee Structure for Undergraduate Classes
  (Govt. Order No 25 HE of 2012 Dt: 12-01-2012 & University Notification No: F.Acd/I/12/12581-12830 Dt: 19-12-2012and Acd/I/14/6053 – 6302 dt. 24 – 6 - 2014)
The break up of fee to be charged from the students is as follows :
Admission Fee Rs. 40
Pool Fund Rs. 1050
Student Aid Fund Rs. 100
Building Maintenance Fund Rs. 165
Games/Sports Fund Rs. 220
Reading Room Fund Rs. 50
Furniture Fund Rs. 70
Stationary Fund Rs. 35
Magazine Fund Rs. 80
Motor Vehicle Fund Rs. 60
Identity Card Fund Rs. 50
Student's Services Fund Rs. 30
Seminar/Cultural Activities Fund Rs. 30
Excursion Fund Rs. 90
Medical Aid Fund Rs. 25
Relief Fund Rs. 10
Red Cross Fund Rs. 10
Miscellaneous Fund Rs. 60
Edusat Rs. 25
NSS Rs. 50
Total Rs. 2250

A Fee amounting to Rs 170/- shall be charged from the Sem-I students on account of additional subject of Environment Science.
   Laboratory Fund
Students using one Lab Rs. 110
Students using two Labs Rs. 170
Students using Three Labs Rs. 220
  Total Rs. 500
Subject tour fund as per requirement of Syllabus Rs. 75
Additional Fee for vocational subject
Science Stream (General) Rs. 1150
  BCA Rs. 8800
Computer Applications Rs. 1900
Bio-technology Rs. 3050
Group Insurance Premium Rs. 50
(Subject to the acceptance of terms/conditions/exclusions by the Insurance Company)
The fee shall be realized in a single installment and no fee concession shall be allowed.
Fee once paid is not refundable . In addition , the examination fee shall be realized seperately from the students.
University Fees
University registration fee Rs. 275
Sports fee Rs. 400
UGC Resource Mobilization Fund Rs. 100
Cost of examination form / Semester Rs. 70
Examination fee Rs. 570 + Rs 70(per practical subject) for B.Sc.
Rs. 700 + Rs. 70(per practical subject) for B.C.A
  Examination Maintenance Fund Rs 110 per semester
  NSS Rs. 100
  Corpus Funds Rs. 165
  Examination Development Fund Rs. 215 per semester
  Digital and Networking Fund Rs. 165
  Eligibilty Fee (For student other than J&K BOSE) Rs 665
  Cultural Fee Rs 400
  DIQA Fee Rs 160
NOTE: In respect of students, seeking admission to Sem – I, III &V and subsequently getting promoted to Sem II, IV and VI respectively, examination fee for both the semesters of the year 2016 -17 shall be charged at the time of admission.
Late Fee
For odd semesters (I, III and V), admission with late fee of Rs 240/- shall be only for 10 days after the expiry of the last date of admission, subject to availability of seats.
For B. Sc. Part III
a) For First Count of 07 Days after the last date prescribed for admission Rs. 240
b) For another count of 07 Days delay after the expiry of
last date as (a) above (provided seats are available)
Rs. 450
  c)The Vice-Chancellor may consider grant of admission that is late by one month only after the expiry of last date as per (b) above on payment of Rs 2180/- subject to the condition that wherever income of a candidate’s parents is below Rs 4800/- he/ she shall be exempted from payment of Rs 2180/-. However, late fee shall be charged in such cases as prescribed at (b) above.  
Total Fee
Total Fee payable by Sem - I students at the time of admission for various subject combinations (University Examination Fee and group insurance premium is extra, to be deposited at the time of admission)
Subject Code Fee
Z1 Rs.6480
Z2 Rs.6555
Z3 Rs.7580
Z4 Rs.9405
Z5 Rs.9405
N1 Rs.6140
N2 Rs.7290
N3 Rs.7980
N4 Rs.6215
N5 Rs.6215
N6 Rs.7230
N7 Rs.8270
N8 Rs.9020
N9 Rs.6215
N10 Rs.6290
N11 Rs.6480
N12 Rs.6215
N13 Rs.16930
The fee is payable to college through the Bank counter set-up in the campus for the purpose. In respect of students seeking admission to B. Sc. / BCA – Sem III and V, and B.Sc./ BCA Part- III, the University Registration fee is not charged. For such students the above mentioned fee is less by the University Registration fee.
NOTE: The fee (in break up and total) as detailed above is subject to change / revision as per the orders of the Govt. Higher Education Department and University of Jammu. In the event of any change in fee, the same shall be displayed / communicated to students.
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